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      The government of this unique republic resided wholly in councils. By councils all questions were settled, all regulations established,social, political, military, and religious. The war-path, the chase, the council-fire,in these was the life of the Iroquois; and it is hard to say to which of the three he was most devoted.A slave! cried Aristeides, and branded!

      The only living things in Andaraqu, when the French entered, were two old women, a small boy, and a decrepit old man, who, being frightened by the noise of the drums, had hidden himself under a canoe. From them the victors learned that the Mohawks, retreating from the other towns, had gathered here, resolved to fight to the last; but at sight of the troops their courage failed, and the chief was first to run, crying out, Let us save ourselves, brothers; the whole world is coming against us.

      this very day that he was forced to revoke it.

      Thessaly, renowned for its beautiful river valley, its fine horses, and its powerful sorceresses, was at that time under the sole rule of Alexander of Pheraea man who treated his subjects so harshly that he ordered some to be buried alive and had others dressed in bear-skins and torn to pieces by dogs. Like all tyrants, he lived in perpetual fear. He had so little faith in his own body guard that he had himself watched by a dog; he spent the night in the upper loft of his stately palace, that he might be able to draw the ladder up after him. The family to which he belonged had raised themselves from Tagoi, chiefs elected by the people, to sovereigns, and he himself, like his predecessor, had paved his way to power by murder.

      [4] Photographs of the bust are before me. Various relics of the two missionaries were preserved; and some of them may still be seen in Canadian monastic establishments. The following extract from a letter of Marie de l'Incarnation to her son, written from Quebec in October of this year, 1649, is curious.

      **** As late as 1701, six thousand livres were granted


      MISERY AND DEJECTION. made their abode in Canada from time to time. The chief


      The belief that their persecutions were owing to the fury of the Devil, driven to desperation by the home-thrusts he had received at their hands, was an unfailing consolation to the priests. "Truly," writes Le Mercier, "it is an unspeakable happiness for us, in the midst of this barbarism, to hear the roaring of the demons, and to see Earth and Hell raging against a handful of men who will not even defend themselves." [15] In all the copious records of this dark period, not a line gives occasion to suspect that one of this loyal band flinched or hesitated. The iron Brbeuf, the gentle Garnier, 126 the all-enduring Jogues, the enthusiastic Chaumonot, Lalemant, Le Mercier, Chatelain, Daniel, Pijart, Ragueneau, Du Peron, Poncet, Le Moyne,one and all bore themselves with a tranquil boldness, which amazed the Indians and enforced their respect.


      * Le Clerc, Etablissement de la Foy, II 4One day every door in the house was adorned with an olive garlanda son had been born to its owner. Lycon said that the child should be reared. The father was at liberty to expose or even kill it.