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      "Naw!" said Shorty in disgust, "that's no way. Lemme show yer how!" a furlow. The Ordly jest laft and says to me, Si, says he,

      Even as she said it she began to sob. She swayed on her feet, and Don flung an arm about her. She clung to him piteously.Pen hearing this, ceased to struggle, and smiled behind the gag. "Well ... let them!" she thought. "It's all to the good!"

      She passed through the gap and hid herself on the other side to make sure she was not followed. Nobody came through.

      A curious relation existed between Pen and the millionaire. From the first he had been most courteous, but in the beginning it had been dictated merely by motives of policy. He could see a little further than the clumsy Delehanty, that was all. Pen recognized in him an adversary infinitely more dangerous. But he had changed. The second time she saw him she became aware that she had a power over him. In short he was powerfully attracted. Pen marveled at it. Riever, who presumably had only to pick and choose from among the beauties of the world! But though she could not understand how it had come about, she rejoiced in her power, and had no scruples whatever against using it."Or if Mr. Hackett is willing to go on with his evidence in rebuttal, I only ask for leave to re-open my case to-morrow. I can sit up all night."

      [789] Bigot, as well as Vaudreuil, sets Bougainville's force at three thousand. "En runissant le corps M. de Bougainville, les bataillons de Montral [laisss au camp de Beauport] et la garnison de la ville, il nous restoit encore prs de 5,000 hommes de troupes fra?ches." Journal tenu l'Arme. Vaudreuil says that there were fifteen hundred men in garrison at Quebec who did not take part in the battle. If this is correct, the number of fresh troops after it was not five thousand, but more than six thousand; to whom the defeated force is to be added, making, after deducting killed and wounded, some ten thousand in all.

      "That's so," assented Shorty. "Both these are Sergeant's overcoats. We'll take our guns along, and play that we are on duty. It may help us out somewhere."


      Pen's inner voice cried: "What's the use? What's the use?"


      "Now!" he said abruptly."You done good work in keepin' the other boys offen 'em, Si," said he. "I was afraid you wouldn't. The only thing I've got agin Co. Q is that the boys will steal. Otherwise they're the nicest kind o' boys."


      Si recovered his breath first, caught hold of the front board and raised himself up, saw the boxes of coveted hardtack, and was just putting his hand on one of them when a shell struck the rear end and tore the canvas cover off. Si sank back again104 beside Shorty, when another shell burst under the wagon, and filled the air with pieces of wheels, bed, cracker-boxes and hardtack.