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      And theres a word to me! she said. Fancy telling me that my mother detests my husband. Thats an un-Christian thing to say about anybody.

      Richard was embarrassed. Her fine words disconcerted him. He had often watched Miss Bardon from a respectful distance, but had never spoken to her before."I reckon," said Reuben, "as how they'd all have been better off if they'd stayed at home."

      "You've landed him in a good pl?ace," said Pete; "a little farther back and he'd have been gone.""What say you, brethren?" resumed the foreman, looking at the rest: "our friend served usand besides, it is a pity to let good things go a-begging."

      "Don't say that, dadwe care for you very much, and we're coming back."

      Margaret ceased to speak, and her tears dropped fast on the little innocent she was so anxiously watching; presently it gave a faint sigh, and the mother's agonizing shriek, told her husband that the breath was its last. Holgrave had beheld in silence the death-pang of his child; and now, when the cry of the mother announced that it had ceased to be, he turned from the bed and rushed to the door without uttering a word.