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      Lady Ada turned pale, but gazed at the telegram in silence.Trafford smiled and touched the revolver in his belt. Johnson eyed the spare but muscular figure clad in the rough and semi-digger clothes which Trafford had procured at Ballarat, and nodded approvingly.

      "And might not the Abolitionists send their ships and soldiers against New Orleans?"

      Esmeralda knit her brows.

      He found his voice at last.

      Constance and her two companions bend wildly from the balustrade, a sight for a painter. Across the way Flora, holding back her grandmother, silently leans out, another picture. In the ranks near Charlie a disarray continues even after Kincaid has got the battered Mandeville again into the saddle, and while Mandeville is rejecting sympathy with a begrimed yet haughty smile.CHAPTER XXXIV.


      I have brought the water, Esmeralda.


      "If you do--now--to-day--for one minute, I'll never take you back. I'll have Hettie or Dilsie."


      Almost a dozen, he said.