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      I have been looking for you for some time, Mr. Howard, he said. And I can not tell you how glad I am to find you. He drew a breath of relief as if the prolonged search had been anything but a pleasant one. I wish to see you on a matter of business, Mr. Howard.

      "Ah, it sounds meaningless to you; but to me it was full of meaning! The idea of danger to you was so intenseso real. The cold sweat of deadly fear was on my face when I awoke, and it was some minutes before I could get my senses clear of that ghastly horror, before I could realize where I was, and that the thing I had seen was a dream. That stone wall seemed still in front of me, and I had still the feeling that you were on the other side of it, in ever-increasing peril."

      No, dont, please, she said, quite simply; Ive too many already. It takes Lady Wyndover and me half an hour to decide which Im to wear. As if it mattered!This evening, however, she failed in getting a quartette for whist. Neither Mr. Crowther nor his wife was disposed for cards; Colonel Disney coldly declined; and it was useless to ask the young people to leave the attractions of that woody piano. While she was lamenting this state of things, the whist-table being usually a feature in her drawing-room, the Disneys and Allegra bade her good night, and were gone before she had time to remonstrate with them for so early a departure.

      Whats wonderful? she asked.Isola was called upon for her signature as one of the witnesses. She signed in a bold, clear hand, without one tremulous line, her husband looking over her shoulder as she wrote.

      Lord Normans avowal had come upon her so suddenly as to confuse her, and also to frighten her. She scarcely understood what he meant, certainly did not realize the full significance of his passionate protestations; and yet something of the meaning of the great mystery must have penetrated to her, for her heart beat rather faster than usual, and a faint color glowed in her cheeks.


      Lady Wyndover gracefully glided away from the subject.



      "Pray don't talk so," cried Allegra, horrified. "It sounds as if you were speculating upon your brother's death."