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      [Pg 200]

      Bergan started up with a face of alarm. "I must go at once," he ex claimed; "I am afraid it is already too late!"

      Isola rang, and Susan, the parlour-maid, brought in the lamp.

      "Only one little corner of France."

      The agent had proved himself worthy of trust, and had chosen the lodging for Colonel Disney's family with taste and discretion. It was a first floor over a jeweller's shop in a short street behind the Piazza di Spagna, and under the Pincian Gardens. There were not too many stairs for Isola to ascend when she came in from her drive or walk. The gardens were close at hand, and all around there were trees and flowers, and an atmosphere of verdure and retirement in the midst of the great cosmopolitan city.Chuck it, said Varley Howard, though derived from the Greek, is very rarely used, even in the best society, where[18] they are not over particular. Im afraid youll have to stick to it, Esmeralda. You see, there is a prejudicean unreasonable prejudice, perhapsin favor of education. In fact, no young lady can be considered the complete article, unless she knows how to read and write, and add up, say, three figures.

      "I should hardly have expected you to have such romantic notions about Major Disney," said Belinda, coolly, "considering the difference in your ages."

      Miss Howard saved my life, said Lord Norman, as she slurred over that part of the affair. Look at the bullet-hole in her hat.It was not too late. The warning had come in timejust in time to save her. She knew now to what ocean that drifting boat was carrying herthrough the sunny atmo[Pg 55]sphere, between the flowery shores of dreamland. It was taking her to the arctic ocean of shame and ruinthe great sea strewn with the corpses of women who had sinned, and suffered, and repented, and diedunforgiven of mankindto wait the tribunal of God.


      [Pg 225] Tempted him, though immortal. Nathless



      "His brother is your sister's husband, Martin?"