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      What mercy have you had on me? she asked in a low voice. Ah! why did you do it? Why did you not come to me and tell me what it was you wanted? You might have had the moneyevery penny of it!With what innocent openness did we do everything in '61! "Children and fools" could not tell the truth any faster or farther than did our newspapers--Picayune, Delta, True Delta, Crescent, L'Abeille, and L'Estafette du Sud. After every military review the exact number in line and the name of every command and commander were hurried into print. When at last we began to cast siege guns, the very first one was defiantly proclaimed to all the Confederacy's enemies: an eight-inch Dahlgren, we would have them to know. Kincaid and his foundry were given full credit, and the defence named where the "iron monster" was to go, if not the very embrasure designated into which you must fire to dismount it.

      In a minute, she replied, calmly. It is beautiful out here, and it makes me think of the country, as you Londoners call places outside.

      Ah! said Trafford. I did not say that I myself understood her. She is unlike any woman I have ever met; and she will follow the dictates of her own heart.

      She is a ward of Lady Wyndovers, said Trafford.

      But the gray man showed a twinkle to match it: "Why--by sight--yes--what there is of you."

      The duke stood near the door, leaning on his stick.



      Of course, said Esmeralda.


      Of course, said Esmeralda.