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      She will recover? exclaimed Norman, eagerly.

      Again the racking cough seized her, and she sank speechless at his feet.He knew what the answer would be. He thought her mind was wandering, and he knew there was only one image which could so agitate her.

      One of them came forward with his hat in his hand and mopping his forehead.

      Isnt it a pretty little place, missI beg your ladyships pardonmy lady? said Barker, as she took off Esmeraldas hat and jacket. Ive often heard of it, but Id no idea it was so beautiful. And its all the same all through. And theres a dairya tiny little place like a dolls house. And theres an orchard at the back, and some meadows with cows and a donkey in them. Ive unpacked some of your ladyships thingsIm sure I dont know where I shall put themand what will your ladyship wear this evening?The preparations commenced at once, and they were so vast as to fill Esmeralda with amazement.


      You must not be angry with her, Trafford, she murmured through the music. You will make yourself unhappy if you are. Remember, they are old friends.He had hoped that she would have said: I should like you to come, and his face fell.


      He laughed.


      No, she said; what should be the matter?