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      I can lay no claim to Miss Chetwyndes friendship, said Trafford, trying to smile.

      Trafford looked down gravely, remorsefully; he had not thought of her. He did not know what to say, so, of course, he said the unwisest thing.

      Dont you believe it, said Esmeralda, closing her eyes with an obvious affectation of extreme weakness. Im not fit for anything but what Im doing, and I mean to keep so foroh, ever so long. Why, you silly old goose, she continued, opening her eyes and flashing them suddenly upon the wrinkled face with one of her old looks, I could take you up in my arms and carry you down to the stream and back; and I would if I werent so beautifully lazy.God bless you, my dear Trafford! he said, as Trafford handed him over to the ducal valet. I am always so happy when you can come down! I wish you could be with us oftener. He laid his white hand on Traffords shoulder, and looked into the grave, handsome face affectionately. Some day, Trafford, I hope you will not come alone. I trust that I may be spared to welcome a daughter, to see my sons childrenthe future Duke of Belfayreplaying at my knee. Good-night, my dear Trafford. God bless you!


      Lord Blankyre offered his arm, and looked at her curiously through his eyeglass. He had heard the story of her discovery, with all its exaggerations, and had expected to see a rough, gawky girl half dead with shyness. But Esmeralda, though she was somewhat confused by the crowd of superbly dressed women and distinguished men, and the hum of voices mingling with the music of the Hungarian band, did not look overcome by shyness or nervousness. The lovely face was just a little graver than most girls, and the wonderful eyes rather solemn; but the shapely hand that rested on his arm did not shake, and the lips were firm and steady.


      After they had inspected all the animals, and gone over the spotless dairy, with its white tiles, and newest appliances in the way of churns and milk coolers, they walked through the park, and Trafford succeeded in finding some deer. Her frankly expressed pleasure and delight in all she saw afforded him a singular pleasure; it was as if he were playing cicerone to a child or a school-girl. She was quite unembarrassed, and free from any shyness at being alone with him, and did not seem to want or expect him to make love to her in the very least, but talked to him as if he were an old friend or a fellow school-girl.


      She was going because it was expedient to go; because her persistent refusal to be there might give rise to guesses and suspicions that would lead to a discovery of the real reason of her absence. She had often seen the subtle process, the society search-light by which Trelasco and Fowey could arrive at the innermost working of a neighbour's heart, the deepest mysteries of motive.


      I am quite well, he said, with barely concealed impatience; and he proceeded to ask after Lady Grange and Lady Wyndover, and mutual friends. His manner, just pleasantly friendly, stung her. It would have been more endurable if he had been harsh or angry. Never treat a woman you have once loved with indifference; she will bear anything but that.[210] I knew when my husband ceased to swear at me that he had ceased to love me! says the heroine of one of the modern emotional comedies; and she speaks truly.